Saturday, 21 November 2009

Expect the unexpected

'Expect the unexpected' was the phrase my eleven year old brought back from school the other day. Whatever the day had really been about was overshadowed by the fact that the kids didn't have to wear their school uniforms. To me the phrase translates as 'Be prepared!'- the scouting motto. To this end Andy and I have been digging out the Christmas tunes (and jokes- Yule love this one... just kidding) in case of playing at store promotions. We haven't had that kind of gig since the credit crunch began but one never knows.

One surprise is being asked to play for Adrian Ramsay's election campaign launch at the mediaeval Dragon Hall next week. It has to be said, Adrian has a good chance of unseating the incumbent, former home secretary Charles Clarke, in the general election. Charles has certainly taken him seriously enough to demonstrate a sudden interest in local issues. If Britain is going to get its first Green Party member of parliament next May then it will probably happen in Norwich South.

This will be our first gig with Paul Fitzgerald on double bass and will make a useful warm-up (no disrespect, Adrian) for a more public performance in Marzano's at the iconic Forum in Millennium Plain on Thursday. The shops stay open late on Thursdays and, given that there are only so many shopping days left before Christmas, there should be a few people about for that show. So many of our gigs involve being musical wallpaper. I'm not complaining - we take our wallpaper very seriously, especially the musical kinds - but it's great to really perform once in a while and on Thursday night we'll be kranking out the klezmer in ways only an acoustic trio can. If you can make it down, expect the unexpected. Mazel Tov! Jonathan.


  1. I meant to say...the evening set me off...

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