Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The car's the star

Apparently if you manage to hang on to your old banger until it's twenty years old it becomes a 'classic'. I suppose that's a banger with character. Last weekend the band played two events - a wedding and a drinks party - and each featured a car. These were vintage vehicles, meaning more class than a classic, and both would turn heads wherever they went.

The first was a 1928 Chevrolet National Tourer and arrived at the venue, a rather lovely country house complete with outdoor pool and tennis courts, carrying the bride and groom. I like to think the car's makers would have approved of the 1920s jazz Eastern Straynotes were cranking out as the car drove in on the gravel drive.

The second car was a Rolls Royce of similar age which arrived, as an 'objet' - the only car not to be parked out of sight of the party, just as we were about to begin our first set of the evening. By the time I took the photograph night was drawing in and my 21st century pocket point-and-shoot probably needed a more experienced pair of hands. But you get the picture.

A quick peep at the interiors of both cars left me thinking that, for anything more than a short run, a train journey would afford more comfort. Some things never change.

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