Sunday, 1 July 2012

The vagaries of the weather

June can deliver so much in terms of weather.  Last Sunday we were performing in a soggy marquee in Aylsham, North Norfolk, and I ended up playing in my hand warmers.  The sky threw buckets of rain along with thunder and lightning. The latter caused a power cut all across the town and we played one number, Summertime (I think everyone was aware of the irony) acoustically.  By necessity, this brought us closer to our audience.  Fortunately the outage was shortlived and Andy, not relishing emulating the Jazz 'belters' of the 1920s, was able to resume a more varied vocal style.

After we played we stuck around for a very pleasant lunch, courtesy of Aylsham Manor, a photo opportunity and to hear the first couple of numbers by the Aylsham Band (pictured) before heading off to other engagements.

The following Thursday, in contrast, was perhaps the warmest day yet this year in East Anglia.  I don't remember seeing a cloud in the sky during our drive down to Woodbridge in Suffolk.  And it stayed warm all evening.

Andy and I even got out for a brief stroll in the break.  Our name wasn't exactly in lights - probably because of the long June evenings, but someone had obviously gone to some trouble making this sign.

Meanwhile, Cesar stayed inside to work on the finer details of his bass sound.

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