Monday, 17 May 2010

Jurnets last Friday

So the current finally made a gig together as a four-piece. Andy and me joined by Paul Fitzgerald on double bass and Hugh Stanners on the accordion. The picture is actually of the band before us (apart, that is, from Paul's back). Somehow I forgot to pass the camera to anyone before we went on. We played a short klezmer set, almost all new stuff, which was a little hairy at times. But it went down very well.

Jurnets, if not the oldest venue in the city of Norwich, is certainly situated in one of the oldest buildings and the crypt, in which the bar/club is to be found, dates back to the 1140s. A very special place to play. Incidentally, 11.40pm was the time we went on. And there was still a good crowd in spite of the great John Cale playing elsewhere in town that night.

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