Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Shop Doorway

It's not often the Straynotes play in shop doorways. Rarely, if at all, will they do so in November and certainly not for a three hour stint. But this is a rather unusual doorway. The picture doesn't do it justice but Quayside Plaza is a restaurant with a Victorian-style shop front at the back. And behind the shop front is a shop full of curios from the four corners of the world.

Like restaurants everywhere, space is at a premium and Quayside Plaza is no exception. The doorway is too small for a table but just large enough for a small band. It's a good thing that Angelo doesn't feed us until we've finished playing; there isn't space for a band and two meals.

Angelo doesn't know why there is a shop at the back of his restaurant, at least not a Victorian shop. I did ask a local historian about it and he said he would take a look. Next time I see him I will ask him how he got on. Meanwhile I have tunes to practise.

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