Tuesday, 9 November 2010


The Straynotes have a busy schedule in the run-up to Christmas and have begun trawling their back catalogue for festive favourites. This, of course, is with a view to working a few seasonal numbers, or at least a suitable quote, into the December repertoire.Looking at the material prompted a discussion about whether or not pubs were 'havens from Christmas' - Christmas-free zones, if you like. I suppose 'each case on its merits' is the way to proceed and if the landlord is wearing a red nose and an antlered alice band then it probably means it's cool to Yule.

The last-festival-but-one, Hallowe'en, saw the duo version of the band playing in the brasserie at Dunston Hall. Somehow it just isn't the same without Paul and his bass. Even Andy's new friends (pictured) couldn't cheer him up. They're all called Ian, strangely enough. Hello, Ian!

(Hello Ian - Hallowe'en? Oh, never mind. Perhaps I'll find a better joke in a cracker.)


  1. Great picture...he looks like he should be in a room where women are barred, smoking a cigar and complaining about the poor people being a nuisance!!!

  2. You could have been a fly on the wall, Molly.